Creation of the Universe – Day One of God’s Creation – Part 1

While talking about the Creation two inquiries appear to surface. Is the Bible strict? Or then again, is the Bible a purposeful anecdote? The appropriate response is yes. Albeit the Bible is exacting in its record, God additionally utilizes the creation record to uncover himself to his creation. Unfortunately in the two cases the creation account is in amazing agreement.

God starts his record of his creation by declaring that he is the maker, all things considered. He likewise uncovers his three-fold nature all along. He uncovers himself as the essence of the profound, (the Father), the Spirit of God, (the Holy Ghost), and the substance of the waters, (the Son, Jesus Christ).

How might one God envelop three characters? In spite of the fact that our limited personalities can’t in any way, shape or form handle every one of the Father George Rutler boundless characteristics of God we can know those qualities that God has decided to uncover to us through his Holy Word.

How could three characters be one God?

Presumably all that clarification can be given by taking a gander at the piece of creation that God made in his own picture, man himself. (Beginning 1:26-27)

God made man as a three-fold being. Man has a life elements. (Jews 4:12-13, Genesis 2:7)

How does the life elements participate in wonderful association?

The Father

Similarly as God made man a living soul – so likewise God has a spirit. (Isaiah 42:1) The Father is the very soul (or heart) of God. Albeit the Father is far beyond we can know or think, God has decided to uncover this side of himself to man. The Father has the actual will of God. Similarly as our spirit can’t be seen so likewise the Father can’t be seen. (John 1:18, John 5:37)

The Father starts the desire of God. (John 5:30, John 12:50) It is the Father who starts love for his creation and humanity. (John 3:16, John 14:21)

Similarly as the Father uncovers himself as the “essence of the profound” in Genesis 1:2, we can realize that the profound issues from the heart, (or soul), of God are started by the Father.

The Son

Similarly as God, who made man in his own picture, gave man a body, so likewise God has decided to uncover himself through his body.

This side of God is first uncovered in the Holy Bible as “the essence of the waters” in Genesis 1:2. Jesus is likewise uncovered as the “substance of the waters” in Revelations 1:15, and Psalms 29:3. I John 5:7 uncovers this character of God as the “Word.”

The Word becomes fragile living creature and is epitomized in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (John 1:1-18) It is notwithstanding Jesus that God connects with corrupt man. It is just through Jesus Christ that man can have satisfaction and fellowship with God. (II Corinthians 4:3-6)

Everything that could possibly be known or perceived of God should be found even with Jesus Christ, in whom abides all the totality of the Godhead real. (Colosians 2:6-9)

The Holy Ghost

The Father is the imperceptible soul of God. He confers the desire of God and his affection for his creation.

The Son, Jesus Christ, is the collection of God and plays out the actual will of the Father. He is the character of God that actually made the universe and that genuinely completes the desire of the Father on the grounds that in him stays all the totality of the Godhead substantial.

At long last, we see that the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is the nurturing character of God. He is the breath of life that offers life to God’s creation. (Beginning 2:7, John 20:21-22)

Understand that the Holy Ghost, (or the Spirit of God), must be bestowed by Jesus Christ. (Beginning 1:2, Revelations 1:15)

The Holy Ghost will just move upon the substance of the waters, Jesus Christ. The Father sends the Holy Ghost in Jesus name. God’s Holy Spirit can’t be bestowed in some other manner. (John 14:23-26, John 15:26)

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